IP Nodes was founded in 2017 and is an entrepreneurial company focusing on cloud computing and ecological construction.

The team has a total of 280 people, 80% are technical staff from the cloud computing, Internet of Things and storage industries.

We have rich experience in project research and development, and have strong capabilities in product technology research and development, software development and implementation, and system operation and maintenance services.

Cloud computing technology development

Distributed cloud storage

Edge computing and 5G applications

Internet of things

Ecological layout

Distributed cloud storage server

Server revenue system

DApp ecology

Public chain development

Alliance chain development

Cloud storage server

File encryption for more secure data

Hardware device based on distributed cloud storage network IPN, file encrypted transmission, fast, stable and secure

Ultra-quiet design, efficient heat dissipation

Well-designed cooling holes quickly dissipate heat, support uninterrupted 24-hour running, silent fan design is eco-friendly

Super MINI body

High-performance mini host, compact body with 4 cores and 4 threads, innovative neural network engine, built-in 128G solid state hard disk, fully meet the requirements

Lower power consumption and longer service life

The server power consumption is as low as 30W, equivalent to incandescent lamps, saves energy and power and has a longer service life

Storage DIY to meet the needs of diverse equipment

USB X USB X 2 can expand hard disk storage space, making storage more convenient and faster

The appearance of the product is wonderful, showing the design sense

Integrated metal design, exquisite workmanship, simple and stylish appearance, showing the charm of intelligent technology

Enter the interstellar node

Distributed Industry Alliance

The purpose of the alliance is to advocate the concept of "Distributed Storage" and to consolidate the consensus of members in the alliance in accordance with the principle of "Adhering to Consensus and Leading the Distributed Storage of Blockchain", to serve the common interests of the industry and integrate high-quality resources, actively carry out technical exchanges, and promote the development of distributed storage.